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Two Hearts, One Soul Awards



The Aww *Tear* Category

You Always Hurt The One You Love by crazy_girl_mary

Baby, Don't Go by Miss Jones

Endangered by S J Smith

Love Is by Maharani

Stumbled Into Grace by Kristi

I Miss My Friend by Doc

Nature Of The Beast by Jo (The Librarian)

Shattered Dreams by Bre

Midsummer Night's Dream by Leni

The Childhood Trauma Category

Could It Be by Leanne

Feint Of Heart by Desdemona

Lost Between Truth And Deception by Flauka

Fallen Angels by Kristi

Ways Of Life by Kristian

The Shadow Within by Jade

Different Roles by Bre

Will It Be Enough by Leni

The Way Out Of Your League Category  

Pen Pals by Anne

Road To Nowhere by Alley

To See Is To Love by Miss Jones

Soulmates by Sara

All Over Again by Desdemona

Sigma Delta Gamma by Jo

April Fools by Flauka

Always by Christine

The Parent Trap by Kristian

Affair by Bre

The Act A Fool Category

Buffycat by Flauka

Cat Fight 101 by Doc

Choco-Angel-Latte by Leni

The Listen To Your Heart Category

Take Me Away by crazy_girl_mary

It Only Comes Once A Year by Miss Jones

A Little Sexual Healing by Angela

Endings by S J Smith

Dangerous by Maharani

Mending Wounds by Jo

To Coin a Sunnydale Phrase: Duh! by Christine

Happy Valentines Day by Kristi

Favorite Scar by Doc

Love And Fashion by TK

The Waterfall by D.M. Evans

What by Leni

The Another Tingle Moment Category

Everyday Is A Good Day by Anne

Can I Do Anything by Angela

Fools For Love by crazy_girl_mary

The Better Man by Desdemona

Does He Know She Kisses Like Me by Kristi

On The Wings Of Angels by Kristian

Fallen Angels by Sarah J

I'm Sorry by Leanne

Rewind by Doc

All I Wanted by Bre

The Destiny Awaits Category

The Great Escape by Kate

Mortality by Alley

Cookie by Angela

Lost Souls by Leanne

Endangered by S J Smith

Dangerous by Maharani

Stumble Into Grace by Kristi

Aftermath by Kristian

Bringer Of Light by Jo (The Librarian)

No Words To Tell You Goodbye by Leni

The Along With A Vision Category

I've Got To See You Again by crazy_girl_mary

Goldilocks by S J Smith

Love Or Life by Sara

Does He Know She Kisses Like Me by Kristi

Dance With Me by Doc

Lioness by Jo (The Librarian)

The Journey by D.M. Evans

Consequences by Bre