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Two Hearts, One Soul Awards



The Aww *Tear* Category


This category is for the saddest fics you have.  Character death, break-ups, etc.  We want to be able to sob when we read this!


The Childhood Trauma Category


This category is for those angsty, gut-wrenching fics.  I will admit AU stories into this category.


The Way Out Of Your League Category


This is the major AU category.  Any and all AU fics are more than likely to be submitted here.  Fics can deal with the vampire/Slayer relationship or everyone can be just plain ol' human.


The Act A Fool Category


This is your funny fics category.  If someone did something utterly tactless or plain embarrassing, we wanna know about it.  I will allow this category to include other Buffyverse ships, but the fic has to have a pro B/A theme, or can't list Spuffy or C/A as a couple.


The Listen To Your Heart Category


This is the fluff (I'll allow a wee bit of angst) category. 


The Another Tingle Moment Category


This is the category for episode rewrites that Joss may have screwed up on.  I will accept AU and canon stories for this. 


The Destiny Awaits Category


This is the future fic category.  Tell us what our beloved couple has to face in the future, whether it be happy or sad.


The Along With A Vision Category


This category is meant to be told from a characters point of view (POV).